New Year, New Keys

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. This is the time when many people make assessments of old habits and old possessions then come up with ways to revamp or renew what once was.

I have taken this opportunity to work on decluttering and simplifying my life as much as possible before I get into the hustle and bustle of all my wonderfully planned endeavors for the year.

I started in an often neglected, yet integral part of my every day life– my keys! We all too often allow our key rings to go for years accumulating various rewards tags, old keys, key rings and key chains, lanyards, etc. This is something my father would always tell me is so unsafe– “What are you going to do if a stalker is chasing you home? How will you sift through all those keys and get in your car or house safely?” he would always say.

I sat down and combed through the tangled mass of vacation souvenirs and keys to who knows what. I took down my number of keys to 3– my two house keys and my car key. I have linked most of my store memberships to my phone number, so I could throw away those tags…well with the exception of my CVS card. I love that one and couldn’t bare to see that tangible manifestation of wonderful savings leave.

If you shop at CVS even periodically, I think the card is SO worth it! I get great coupons and rewards. Get yours here.

From there, the fun part! I added a cute card case and a couple of other nice baubles to add the convenience of not always needing a purse as well as add a little flare to my now nearly naked key ring.

I chose this gold zippered pouch …

and this tassel key ring that I found on clearance at Target! (As you get to know me, you’ll know that Target has a ┬áVERY special place in my heart and on my bank statements!)

Now, I think that I have a set of keys that would make my dad proud! *cue confetti*

I have also rounded up a few small accessories that would make a killer addition to anyone’s key ring below:


Are you decluttering for the New Year? Where are you going to start?




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