One of My Favorite Things

I. Love. Music.

…but don’t start quizzing me on the nuances of classic albums and stuff…it’s not that deep.

I like to listen to music to start my day, to lift my mood, to pass the time, to inspire me and help me think, and many more reasons. It just makes me feel good.

At the moment, my favorite way to listen to music is Spotify, affectionately known by me and my friends as “Spotty.” I pay 9.99 monthly and so far it’s served me well. I get unlimited access to all the music I want and get full albums as well! I get radio and playlist access and get exposure to up-and-coming artists, too. That’s value in my book.

I also think it’s super cool that they send out your personal stats for the year! Let’s look at mine:

21,000 minutes = 14.6 days = 4% of my year

I can’t name 325 artists, but I think it’s cool that I gave that many people a try!

Now let’s talk about this Favorite Day thing. There may be something to this Tuesday data…┬áMaybe that’s the day of the week when I’m in the best mood? This data could really inform some productivity! It appears that Sunday is a popular day for me as well– this is likely true as this is when I do most of my housework.

And finally, I think it’s another added value piece to create a personalized playlist of my 2016— I love that I’ll have something to look back on and see where my head was at back then.

Do you use Spotty? What were your stats for 2016?

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